Getting Started with Optevo

Our 3 step process will help you create your first Group and WorkPod, enabling you to instantly collaborate and get things done.

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Step 1.
Create Your Free Account

Getting started with Optevo is easy! Click here to sign up for free. Fill out the form, and you’ll receive a welcome email.

Now, head to, and log in using your chosen email address and password.

Step 2.
Create Your Group

A Group is all the people that you’ll work with. As an example, this could be everyone within a company.

If more organization and privacy is needed, a Group can be created for every team, such as Management, Sales and Marketing.

  • Your first Group is free, and is created automatically when you sign up
  • Add Members to your Group by pressing the Group icon in header menu. Add the details of the Member you want to add, then press save. Repeat this process for each Member you want to add to your Group
  • Once Members accept their invitation, they can exchange files, direct messages, and more with you and other Group Members
  • Your Free Personal Account allows you to host one Group with 25 Members. Our Business Plan allows unlimited Groups and Members

Step 3.
Setup Your First WorkPod

A WorkPod is a sub-group of Members focused on a project, initiative, or goal where Comments, Files, and Tasks are shared to help get things done.

  • To create a WorkPod, press the ‘New WorkPod’ button, which can be found on the main dashboard
  • Assign an appropriate name for the WorkPod and hit save to continue
  • Now add the Members involved in that project. This can be people within your WorkGroup, or they can be external Guests, such as clients, freelancers or consultants
  • A Group Member can be a participant in as many WorkPods as needed

Collaborate & Get Work Done!

Now that you’ve added everyone to your Group, and created your first WordPod, you’re ready to collaborate and get things done!

  • Share Direct Messages and Comments
  • Share Files
  • Assign and manage Tasks and To-Dos
  • Keep updated: Receive notifications when work is getting done so everyone stays on top of the objective