Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is a Work Pod?

A Digital Work Pod is where you form teams to get work done. Quickly make comments, share files, and assign tasks, so everyone is informed and on the same page.

2. What is the difference between Work Pod Participants and Guests?

A Work Pod Participant is any Member of your Work Group who is added to a Work Pod. Before they are added to a Work Pod, they must be added as Members of your Work Group. A Participant can be granted Pod Admin rights for any given Work Pod.

A Guest of a Work Pod is a person who is typically external to your organization or not part of a Work Group. All you need is an email address to add a Guest to your Work Pod. A Guest has limited rights to manage Settings on Work Pods. 

3. What happens when I add a Guest to a Work Pod?

If the Guest already has an Optevo account, they will see the Work Pod appear in their Work Hub. If the Guest does not have an Optevo account, they are invited to register for a Free Optevo account. Upon registration, the Guest will see the Work Pod appear in their Work Hub.

4. As a Member, will I see when my Guest has registered?

Yes! Each Work Pod has a Participants tab that automatically updates itself when a Guest creates an account.

5. Are there different levels of Work Pod permissions?

Yes, there are three levels of Work Pod permissions: Pod Admin, Participant, and Guest.

6. What’s on my Work Hub?

Active Work Pods are displayed on your Work Hub and automatically sorted based on the activity within each Pod. The Work Hub also shows the following widgets: "Comments," "Tasks & To-Dos," and "Activity Stream." 

Each widget provides real-time activity updates happening within your Work Pods. These updates let you know when things change and offer direct links to the latest information keeping you on top of everything at a glance.