Getting your team organized.

Optevo enables you to organize everything that matters to you, including your people, projects, tasks, files and more, enabling you to focus on getting things done.

Optevo's intuitive work platform allows business leaders to have visibility of everything, while empowering its workforce to collaborate and drive business success.

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Successful Work Happens in Pods

A Work Pod is where people collaborate and get things done.

Create a Digital Work Pod for every project or objective, keeping everything organized.

This includes...


All the people related to a project. They can be your co-workers, freelancers, vendors, business partners, customers or any combination. If they’re involved with the project, add them!


Need to discuss the project with everyone involved? Add a comment. All project discussions are stored in one place, allowing you to search and find what you need.


Need something done? Set a task. Everyone knows when it needs to be done, by who, and when it’s completed too.


All project-related files will be stored in one single location. You’ll know when it was uploaded, last updated, and who downloaded a file and when.

Your Personalized Work Hub

Stay updated with a personalized overview of your entire workday.

The Optevo Work Hub

Each Users Work Hub Dashboard includes the following:

Work Pods

View all the Work Pods that you're part of, with a preview of what's happening inside each of them.

Activity Feed

Keep on top of everything that's happening within your Work Pods, as it happens, using the activity feed.

Tasks & To-Do's

Automatically organize all tasks assigned to you. You can also add your own to-do's, so you won't forget a thing.

Comments & Messages

See a chronological stream of comments and messages allowing you to immediately respond.

Switch Between Work Groups

Part of multiple teams? You’ll have access to a private dashboard for each, and can securely switch between them without the need to log in and out each time.


Be alerted when something important happens within your Work Pods, so you stay on top of everything.

Need to focus? Hit mute.

Sometimes you need to focus without distractions. Mute your notifications, and get that work done!

Secure Cloud Storage & File Sharing

MyDrive is your cloud storage designed for the modern workforce. Access, share, and collaborate on all your files from anywhere. 

Direct Messages

Not every conversation needs to include the team. Keep those private with direct messaging.

A Highly Safe & Secure Platform

Optevo is built on Microsoft Azure, one of the most secure cloud infrastructures worldwide. Additionally, we do not share your data with advertisers or mine for marketing, research, or advertising purposes.

Bring People Together

Connect, Collaborate & Communicate in Multiple Ways - Accelerate Team Success.

Work Groups

Work Groups are all the different teams within your organization. You may just need one, or you could have several.

For example, you may have one Work Group for your Sales Team, another for your Marketing Team, and another for the Management Team.

As teams can overlap, a person may be part of multiple Work Groups.

Users in multiple Work Groups will be able to easily switch between groups without the need to log in and out each time.

Add Guests, for Free

From time to time there may be people outside your team who will need to be involved temporarily.

Anyone on the team is able to add these people to specific collaborations as Guests ensuring everyone involved in the project can stay in the loop.

There are no additional fees for temporary Guests, and they can be upgraded to a full team member by the Work Pod Admin at any time.

Digital Work Pods

A Work Pod is how people collaborate around an objective or initiative.

A Member of a given Group can be added to any Work Pod. You can also add 'Guests' to a Work Pod, who are not Group Members.

Work Pods store Comments, Files, Tasks, and other details associated with an objective.

Direct Messaging

Direct Messages allow you to have private conversations with anyone you work with.

We all have access to a wide range of messaging platforms, so it's easy to start a discussion, but easier than ever to lose important conversations.

The Optevo platform allows you to keep all collaborations and personal interactions, in the same place, so you’ll never lose a thing. Messages can also be copied, at the click of a button, and added to Work Pods, Notes or To-Dos.

Plans & Pricing

The first 25 users are free! Sign up today.


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  • Send Private Messages to Other Users

Business Pro

Per User/Month
Billed annually

For teams and companies ready to manage internal and external work across initiatives.

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  • $10 Per Month Per User
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  • Unlimited Guests
  • Unlimited Work Pods
  • Unlimited Groups
  • 50 GB File Storage (Per User)
  • Priority Support & Training
  • Project & Task Management
  • Share Comments, Files & Links
  • Send Private Messages to Other Users


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For larger organizations that require adaptive pricing, additional security, control, and support.

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  • Advanced governance, risk and compliance
  • Professional Services to help solve  business and technical challenges
  • Advance integration and support that extends the full potential of the platform
  • Premium scale, security, data and application integrations
  • Enterprise-class governance and administration capabilities
  • Enabling an ecosystem for cross-agency collaboration
  • Flexible pricing models to meet the demands of your business