Getting work done today requires groups of people who work from anywhere and everywhere. They rely on tools like email and shared drives but now find themselves searching for files, remembering who sent what (and when), and clicking through numerous threads just to find the one they need. It can easily become a frustrating time waster.

Optevo brings all of your teamwork and information together in one, intuitive platform. Less frustration, less searching and less wasted time. With Optevo, you’re free to do more of what you do best, or more of what you’d really rather be doing.

With Optevo’s intuitive Work Hub, your entire workday is just a click away.

Optevo Dashboard

Work Hub Features Include

Optevo Dashboard: Tasks & To-Do's

Tasks & To-Do's

Tasks from your teamwork and personal to-do's you setup for yourself.

Optevo Dashboard: Pulse


A ticker tape of what’s changed across all your Work Pods.

Optevo Dashboard: Conversation Pod

Work Pods

Where you and your team get work done. Scroll to learn more.

Optevo Dashboard: Comments


See all teamwork comments in one place.

Optevo Dashboard: Notifications


Know when things change and stay on top of everything.

Optevo Dashboard: Mute Notifications


Need a little time to yourself? Mute your notifications.

Work Pods: The easiest way to organise everything to get your teamwork done.

Optevo Conversation Pod
Optevo Project Pod
Optevo Meeting Pod
Optevo Conversation Pod Overdue how work, works.

Optevo Conversation Pod Preview

The first thing you’ll see when you open your Optevo Work Hub is your Work Pods. Click one of them to get started and it will reveal everyone who works on a particular collaboration and all the tools and information you need to get the job done. Everything in one spot.

Work Pods can be used to communicate with other group members, track tasks, add attachments, streamline workflows and a host of other functions. No other Work Collaboration Software brings it all together like Optevo.

Lets take a look inside
a Work Pod...

Inside a Conversation Work Pod

Other Features Inside Optevo...

Optevo: Private Messaging

Private Messaging

Requires a Subscription Account.

Optevo: MyDrive


Store and manage files before you need them.

Optevo: Quick Notes


Keep useful notes and information.

Work Groups explained:
The team(s) you work with day to day.

Work Groups

A Work Group is a team of the people you work with regularly. They can be your co-workers, freelancers, business partners, customers or any combination.

  • A person can be a Member in more than one Work Group.
  • Work Group Members can be added to any Work Pod.
  • Members of your Work Group can send Direct Messages to each other.
  • Any Work Group Member can also have Work Group Admin rights granted to them.
Optevo Work Group Diagram

Work Pods

A Work Pod is how people collaborate around an objective or initiative.

  • A Member of a given Work Group can be added to any Work Pod.
  • When needed, you can add 'Guests' to a Work Pod, who are not Work Group Members.
  • Work Pods store Comments, Files, and details associated with an objective.
  • Tasks can be assigned to people who belong to a Work Pod.
Optevo Work Pods Diagram

Work Hub

A Work Hub is the personalized dashboard for each person. The Work Hub keeps your activity organized and lets you react with a click. The Work Hub displays the following information:

  • Comments and Messages relevant to you.
  • Any activity happening in your Work Pods.
  • Assigned activities and personal to-dos.
  • Notifications and indicators keep you on top of your work.
Optevo Work Hub Diagram

Optevo has a plan for every Work Group.

First 5 users

Per Month

Power up your collaborations and manage your conversations like a pro!

Get Started for FREE
  • Up to 5 Users = Free
  • Users can be members in an unlimited number of Work Groups.
  • Up to 50 Guests* Allowed.
  • Share Comments, Files, Links.
  • Assign Tasks.
  • Send Private Messages to other Users.
  • 10 MB File Upload Size* (Per User).
  • 5 GB File Storage* (Per User).

    * For increased capacity a paid account is required.

Additional Users

Per Month
Per 5 additional users

A simple team collaborative work management (CWM) platform that takes the work out of getting work done.

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  • Each additional 5 users = $14.99
  • 100+ Users = Contact Us for Price
  • Users can be members in an unlimited number of Work Groups.
  • Unlimited Guests** Allowed.
  • Share Comments, Files, Links.
  • Assign Tasks.
  • Send Private Messages to other Users.
  • 500 MB File Upload Size (Per User).
  • 50 GB File Storage (Per User).

    ** Guests cannot add Participants, or Assign Tasks

Enterprise & Government

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Enterprise and government solutions that delivers agility, focus, and impact.

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  • Advanced governance, risk and compliance.
  • Minority-owned enterprise (MBE) certified.
  • Professional Services to help solve  business and technical challenges.
  • Advance integration and support that extends the full potential of the platform.
  • Premium scale, security, data and application integrations.
  • Enterprise-class governance and administration capabilities.
  • Enabling an ecosystem for cross-agency collaboration.
  • Flexible pricing models to meet the demands of your business.