A New Collaboration Platform That Simplifies the Work Day

Optevo’s new collaboration software houses all the information your organization needs to work together and get the job done. It makes it quicker and easier to communicate and share ideas no matter the location or time zone, and best of all, it eliminates the frustration of multiple work tools, simplifying the work day.

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No more email. Keep important conversations organized in a single secure location, keeping the team informed and focused.

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Have more efficient meetings using our dedicated Meeting Pods. Invite people, craft an agenda, store comments, notes, links and more.

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Keep tasks, conversations, files and more organized in Opevo’s Project Pods, allowing you and your team to get the work done.

Digital Humanism Is a Key to Digital Success

Gartner, Digital Humanism Is a Key to Digital Success, Brian Prentice, Published 2 March 2021

Creating the Modern Workplace

According to Gartner, "Today, organizations must promote workforce effectiveness by responding to a series of interconnected trends, such as digital lifestyles and changing work models. Therefore, CIOs and IT leaders must build a more social, mobile, accessible and data-driven work environment that can exploit rapidly changing business conditions."

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Digital Humanism Is a Key to Digital Success
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Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Digital Collaborative Work Management (CWM) for Projects & Teams.

Enables business agility by helping organizations deliver collaborative, adaptive, and efficient execution of tasks and projects (Ad-hoc or formal) – within the process.

Optevo rises above the competition by bringing cross-functional team collaboration to the business process and simplifying how teams connect and engage in executing work within a business process - improving visibility across the business.

Optevo delivers positive business outcome such as:

  • Bringing teams into alignment
  • Helping maintain security while increasing transparency and collaboration
  • Helps teams in designing the customer's journey
  • Improves your ability to capture and respond to feedback with real-time insights
  • Reduces wasted time and resources with improved data integrity
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Enterprise & Government Collaboration

Enterprise & Government Collaboration

Change how your Agency or Enterprise workforce uses their screen time to get things done.  Adapt to your employee’s work style by removing digital distractions that create job overload, bringing back focus, follow-up, and work-life balance.

A fully scalable and extensible cloud-based solution to meet the modern enterprise demands of a rapidly changing workforce - one that is hybrid and global.

  • Process & Role Based Collaborations that follow your business process
  • Advanced External Collaborations with operational structure
  • Cross-Functional and Multidisciplinary team(MDT) Ready
  • Designed for Agility, Focused on Impact
  • Start measuring organizational collaborations - QBR ready
  • Fuses System of Record (SoR) & System of Engagement (SoE)
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Team Collaboration

Per Month

A simple team collaborative work management (CWM) platform that takes the work out of getting work done.

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  • Digital Workspaces that allow your teams to connect, collaborate, and create both internally or externally without friction or tech fatigue.
  • Stay organized, complete tasks ahead of schedule, planning and execution.
  • Deliver better business results and improved employee work-life balance.
  • 5Gb Storage.
  • Dramatically improving cross-functional team success with collaborative work that has simple structure, speed, and agility.
  • Take the friction out of getting work done by reducing tech-fatigue, digital distractions and the everyday barriers to finding what you need to get the job done.

Enterprise & Government

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Enterprise and government solutions that delivers agility, focus, and impact.

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  • Advanced governance, risk and compliance.
  • Minority-owned enterprise (MBE) certified.
  • Professional Services to help solve  business and technical challenges.
  • Advance integration and support that extends the full potential of the platform.
  • Premium scale, security, data and application integrations.
  • Enterprise-class governance and administration capabilities.
  • Enabling an ecosystem for cross-agency collaboration.
  • Flexible pricing models to meet the demands of your business.

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